Worker’s Compensation

Dr. Randall S. Prust, MD has over 25 years of experience with worker’s compensation cases. Dr. Prust and his staff are experts in standard work comp practices and understand the special challenges presented by industrial injuries. Our staff is dedicated to providing injured workers and their families with the best medical treatment and service. Our goal is to return employees back to work and their lives as quickly and safely as possible. Our services include:

•Evidence-based medical care

•Work status reports

•Impairment ratings based on the AMA Guides 5th or 6th Edition

•Care for active and supportive care claims

•Ongoing communication with lawyers, employers, nurse case managers, and insurance personnel

•Personalized treatment

If you would like to see Dr. Prust or his staff for you worker’s compensation injury, please contact your attorney or file a Request to Change Doctors Form with the Industrial Commission of Arizona.

Industrial Commission of Arizona
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