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Rincon Pain Management (RPM) is a comprehensive, full-time pain medicine practice serving Southern Arizona. Our three physicians and PA are available to serve patients with any type of acute or chronic pain problems. RPM physicians specialize in the management of back and spine pain. We also treat patients with many other pain problems including but not limited to extremity pain, complex regional pain syndrome, post-herpetic neuralgia, headaches, cancer pain and abdominal/ pelvic pain. We pride ourselves on having a professional, experienced team of certified health care specialists who attend to patients in a relaxed tranquil environment. RPM works closely with your referring physician to arrive at a mutually agreeable treatment plan. While we are available for consultation with regard to outpatient narcotic therapy, we are not generally able to provide long-term outpatient narcotic management. For patients seeking a physician to prescribe narcotics, we would be happy to assist you in finding a local physician who specializes in outpatient opioid management.

The pain specialists at Rincon Pain Management strive to do everything possible to restore function and allow patients to return to a healthy, active, and productive lifestyle. Unfortunately, no medical or surgical procedure is without risk. As such, patients will generally need to be evaluated in the office for a full examination, review of any pertinent medical history, and a review of any x-rays prior to undergoing a procedure. This allows our doctors to get to know you as a patient and arrive at a mutually agreeable treatment paradigm prior to scheduling any procedures. While we recognize that this may require two visits to our office to obtain a therapeutic procedure, our high success rates with interventional pain procedures and high patient satisfaction rates confirm that this is the most effective method of providing safe and efficacious interventional care. We ask that all new patients bring a list of their medications as well as any x-rays to their first consultation appointment. While there are physicians who will provide interventional pain procedures without performing a full consultation or examination, we believe that this is not the best care model available for our patients.

Rincon Pain Management works closely with providers from many other specialties to coordinate care and arrive at a treatment paradigm that will allow optimal restoration of function. We work closely with a cadre of physical therapists and physicians who have specialized in Neurologic Surgery, Neurology, Orthopedic Surgery, Internal Medicine, Family Medicine, and Oncology.