Pain management is a branch of medicine that aims to ease the suffering and improve upon the quality of life for patients living with pain.
No we do not. Our staff will work with you to provide the earliest appointment possible.
Please call our office or have your primary physician send us a referral. 
Referrals are only required for insurance purposes, however to ensure the best possible initial visit with our pain and spine specialists, fax us the following information before the appointment is scheduled:
•         Referral from your physician;
•         Name of primary care physician;
•         Recent imaging studies (MRI, CT, X-ray);
•         Treatment records from previous physicians; and 
•         Insurance information.
To schedule an appointment please call 520.731.5540.
Your initial consultation may include a physical examination, review of your past treatment history, and his plan for your future treatment. You can learn more by browsing our Services page and please fill out our new patient form before you arrive.
Certainly! We offer a variety of different forms of treatment including injections, medication management and much more.
Many patient find having a balanced diet which assist with weight loss and overall improved energy helps their pain symptoms and overall lifestyles.