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How PRP Is Alleviating Joint Pain and Restoring Mobility to Aging Baby Boomers

Did you know that about 54 million American adults have arthritis? What’s more, this number is expected to jump to 78 million by 2040 thanks to an aging baby boomer population. 

Even if you don’t have arthritis, joint pain is common in older adults. While arthritis may be the leading cause of joint pain, the simple wear-and-tear of aging also contributes to stiff, sore joints. 

If you’re tired of using pain medications or are worried about undergoing surgery for relief, platelet-rich plasma (PRP) therapy may hold the key to restoring your mobility.

At Rincon Pain & Spine, we believe that the best solutions don’t mask the problem or create massive disruption in your daily life, as is typical after surgery. Instead, our highly skilled providers believe in harnessing the amazing power of the human body to heal itself when possible.

As part of our complete line of pain and spine services, we’re proud to offer PRP therapy to patients in Tucson, Arizona, and the surrounding areas. This state-of-the-art therapy has been successful in helping our patients remain active and pain-free.

If you’re one of the millions of baby boomers plagued by achy joints, read on to explore how PRP therapy can alleviate your pain and restore your mobility.

Platelet power 101

Platelets are the disc-shaped cells found in your blood responsible for clotting. When you’re cut or injured, your platelets rush to the damaged tissue and bind themselves to your blood vessels. Their tentacle-like grasp is what prevents blood from flowing through the injury. 

Your platelets are also rich in powerful growth factors. These growth factors are proteins that activate once your bleeding is controlled. They have a number of important functions, including:

While it may sound strange, a healthy healing environment is extremely important. This is because growth factors do not operate in isolation. They signal other cells, including stem cells, and resources for help in healing injuries.  

How can platelets help baby boomers with joint and mobility issues?

State-of-the-art PRP therapy can help older adults suffering from joint pain or mobility issues by tapping into your body’s natural healing process. It’s been especially useful when coupled with traditional therapies for arthritis, such as prescriptive exercise.

One of the key factors that makes PRP therapy great for baby boomers is the low risk of side effects or infection from the PRP injections. When we treat you with PRP therapy, we use your own platelets, eliminating the risk of rejection by your body. 

Your provider first draws some of your blood and separates the platelets in a centrifuge to create a solution that’s 3-10 times higher in platelets than normal blood. The solution is then injected into the affected area to promote faster healing and repair of your tissues, including your:

Once your Rincon Pain & Spine provider injects the PRP solution, the growth factors get to work right away to reduce the inflammation, which helps alleviate your pain and discomfort. This makes it easier to resume your daily activities and helps with mobility issues. 

As your affected tissues become free from swelling, the platelets begin repairing any damaged areas on a cellular level. This leads to sustainable results that typically take about 8-12 weeks to fully realize, though it may be shorter or longer depending on your unique situation.

The best part? PRP therapy doesn’t require any downtime, and you’re free to resume your normal activities immediately!

To learn more about PRP therapy and how it can help alleviate joint pain and restore your mobility, contact Rincon Pain & Spine or request an appointment online now!

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